Multi-Faceted Punjab Has a Lot to Offer to the Visitors


The yellow paddy fields waving in the warm wind, sturdy gentlemen breaking the stillness with their tractors and women worshipping their idols in the Gurudwara, a morning in Punjab has a subtle contrast from the otherwise hustle-bustle of the metropolitan cities. The land of five rivers, Punjab is perhaps one of the states in India that remains unperturbed by the constant urbanization and modernization. The people of Punjab rather believe in simple living and still continue to follow the traditions that date back to the old centuries. One can easily associate the culture of Punjab with music and Bhangra that is growing in popularity even in the southern states.

Punjab is one of the holiday destinations near Delhi where people mostly travel to escape from the excessive pressure of constant dynamism which the capital state of India has to offer. The national highway that passes from New Delhi to Punjab is perhaps the finest highway, making the travelling to and fro comparatively smoother. The lush green fields along with azure backwaters and refreshing waterfalls are the natural welcoming signs presented by Punjab for enthused tourists. The cities of Punjab act as a great host by treasuring some of the most precious historical assets Hair Transplant Ludhiana.

The Golden Temple in Amritsar is one of the popular tourist attractions in Amritsar, a bubbling city in Punjab that casts a spell on the visitors with its impressive Sikh architecture and serene water body that reflects myriad colors of the sun rays. An evening spent at Wagah Border can be truly memorable where a grand ceremony between India and Pakistan is performed amidst a huge crowd for about 45 minutes. International tourists are immensely fascinated by the ancient artifacts and vintage objects that are kept in the numerous museums of Punjab. People from all over the world come to Jallianwalah Bagh to pay homage to the innocent lives that were lost at the time of the massacre during the British era.

The continuous movement of people to Punjab has encouraged a lot of hospitality brands to set up their operations in the state. There are several hotels in and around the metropolitan cities in Punjab that aim at proffering ultimate luxury to the distinguished guests. It is rather not surprising to find heritage hotels in Punjab even in sub-urban areas like Patiala that speak volumes in terms of hospitality and space. Every district in Punjab has a number of hotels and guest houses and hence finding a decent accommodation is not a setback.

Visitors also flock to the city to shop for the customary cloth pieces that are embellished by intricate designs made out of colorful threads. By far, it is one of the most vibrant states that boast a strong ethnic background, significant monuments, diverse flora and fauna and an Indian charm that is most retained by the rural life of Punjab.

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