Printer Sharing – With One Printer with several Computers


Printer Sharing for Windows XP Printer sharing is a good tool when you have many computers but only 1 printer. With printer sharing, then you’ll have your printer connected to just 1 computer, and let all computers on the network (computers on the router) the capability to publish to the printer. Not only will computers which are hardwired to the system have the ability to publish, but in addition, in case you’ve got a wireless router, these computers using wireless cards equally desktop computers, and laptops may publish “wirelessly” into the printer too. Your Windows XP based computer has all you have to get this done constructed in.

Step 1.

Share the Printer

You’ll have to get on the personal computer with the printer attached to it. On this particular computer, go to Start –> Control Panel –> Printers and Faxes. (you might need to empower classic perspective so as to see this icon) Below you’ll observe a recorded of installed printer imaging apparatus attached to your PC. In case you have more than 1 printer connected to the computer, including an inkjet printer and a laser printer, then you will notice a black ring with a white checkmark; this also suggests that printer is defined as the default option. Click the printer you need to talk about, then click properties. When the window appears, you wish to click the “Sharing” tab on peak of the window brother drivers mfc-l2700dw. You may notice two radio buttons, so you may wish to click on the radio button which states “Share this printer”. After that button is pressed, the “Share name” box will automatically show up with a title which will refer to a own printers shared title. I would advise changing this to a own printer manufacturer using a distance after which its version number, such as BROTHER 7820. Once your printer was shared, and also given a shared title, click apply at the bottom of the window.

Step 2.

Connect to the shared printer.

When the printer was shared, now you can get on your other computer you need to have the ability to print out from. Now we must set up the printer to the pc it isn’t connected to. On the computer that’s not on the printer, go to Start –> Control Panel –> Printers and Faxes. From the blue pan into the left, then you will notice a box the shirt that states Printer Tasks, and beneath that’s Insert a printer. Click Add a printer, and this will demonstrate the Add Printer Wizard, and click on at the bottom of this screen. On another screen, you would like to pick the alternative “A network printer or printer attached to another computer”, and click on next. The following screen asks, what printer would you wish to attach to, and maintain the option chosen on Browse to get a printer, and click on next. But in the event that you correctly shared with your printer in step 1, then it ought to appear with the title which you gave it, and the printer it’s connected to. Just choose the printer and then click. The computer will try to set up the drivers for your printer if it doesn’t have the drivers available, you’ll have to download them or add your setup cd, and then point the installer should happen to obtain the printer drivers. After the drivers have installed, then you will see a display asking in the event that you would like this fresh installed printer to be the default, it likely will be.

Step 3.

Examine the printer

As you have now linked to the shared printer, then you need to test the link and ensure everything is set up properly. Proceed to Start –> Control Panel –> Printers and Faxes and click the shared printer you just installed, and click properties. You will notice a button just above the OK and Cancel buttons, which states Print Test Page. Go ahead and click this, and it provided that everything is setup correctly, you’ll have a test page placing on your printers output tray.

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