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The Lifeguard

Of course being a lifeguard had it has privileges. Every life-guard from the beginning of time it seems consistently had a girl. This had been this specific summer that defined the character I was to eventually become. To really know the career choice I made is to look back to how lifeguards have evolved over read more …


Job Description of the Professional Lifeguard

Before diving head first within the lifeguard certification path, let’s take a examine the job description of a lifeguard and review a few of the different variations that may be out there that you should understand. The specific job description of a lifeguard varies with regards to the environment that is being observed, but the read more …


RID Yourself of These Drowning Risk Factors

Anytime there’s activity throughout water, then there’s just a severe threat of drowning. Like a life guard, your principal responsibility is always to shield guests out of drowning and injury. Even though drowning isn’t prevalent when life guards are on responsibility, ” the United States Lifesaving Association stats demonstrate that 16 of most drownings at read more …