Top Three Christmas Gifts For Men


As anyone knows, kids are easy to shop for because they do not mind making a list. Nothing is shy about them when it comes to getting gifts. They tell you exactly what they want up front. They say, “Here is my list”. Everybody should be as easy as to shop for as the kids are. However, Christmas gifts for men are an entirely different matter. This is especially true, if the person is fussy. Finding just the right gift for them will take some work. Nonetheless it can be done. The key is to decide what they like. If you know the man likes to golf, this narrows your choices down to the category of golf. Now all you need to do is find out which golf gifts for men are the best and which ones would be the most appreciated Giftyard
. One can choose many golfing gifts this year. However, an item sticks out this year.

One of the hottest golf gifts for men this year is the GPS range finder. These are used to help the player determine a distance between two points on the golf course. If someone were standing at the Tee-Off point, the distance to the objective, which is the hole on the other end of the lane, can be found in a moment. The device is most useful when on the putting green though. Knowing the distance between the ball and hole can help the player know how hard to hit the ball. In the past, players used traditional methods to determine the distance. These included using yardage charts or physically pacing the distance off. Modern technology has changed all of that. Now, even average players can determine distances just like the professionals. Any person that likes to golf will appreciate a gift such as this, especially if they are into electronic gadgets. This product is laser guided and sure to be a big hit.

Of all the GPS range finders, the Par 70 Rangefinder for Golf will surely become one of the most sought after Christmas gifts for men this year. One of the reasons is its capability. The par 70 has a maximum range of one thousand yards. This can save a lot of walking if they were using the old fashion way of pacing the distance off. It also has seven times magnification with a twenty-six millimeter lens. That means it is accurate, plus or minus one yard, over a thousand-yard distance. This is incredible accuracy for a hand-held device using two batteries. For those men that like eye candy it also features multicolored optics and a soft rubber eye cup, which is adjustable. The unit is whether resistant, has an economic design, and automatically shuts off to save the battery. This is definitely one for the best rangefinders around.

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